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1. JUICEBOX (freestyle) to Naughty by Nature’s “Uptown Anthem”

I remember like it was yesterday
When you came through
Watched you from the window of the hood
For that music video shoot
Naughty was filming O.P.P.
In the back of my building of 75
But I was too young to go outside

So I grabbed a pen
Determined to write
To step on the mic
And see you again
Your flows was right
Your body was tight
But I was too young
To be thinking like

Ma, teach me how that wink go
Flirting around two, a little juicebox hoe
Now I’m hurting them, round two
I show em how that ink go
Jerking them, holding out
I’m playing games like Plinko
Bet you heard of me word of mouth
Put my box on sinks yo
Cuz I murder beats with my mouth
While he suck then drink yo
From my juicebox, got that juicebox
Plus I grew into my bubble
You could watch, but just blink yo
Let me stop the slimy rhymes
It’s time to make you think

A new rap queen on the verge bout to emerge
See it’s gon be a state of emergency
For wack MCs
On every track I breathe
Give me the stacks I need
At least 10 or 20 of those
Don’t try to act broke, please
All fronting on the gram
But now your back broke

Deez nuts Got em Haha, I got em
The closest you gon get to me
Is these sluts, I’m not them
The closest that we could be as friends
Is paypal homie
Cuz we both on the come up
But you lay down for beats


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2. Extra Juice (Freestyle) to Eric B and Rakim’s “Juice”

Step on the scene
How should I dress
A suit, dress or jeans
And a bullet proof vest with it
Cuz I take shots
And flow with the best
Afraid to call me a pro
But acknowledge that I’m a threat then
Flow’s threatening
All blessed and what not
Say you a gambling man
You better bet on the juicebox
Coming for number one
So hold the L and a two spot
Following me around
Like a fresh pair of crew socks

Stepping on toes
When I walk in the club
I know these hoes mad
Come thru with the mean mug
Clear out the VIP
You ain’t sitting with me cuh
Bad like Michael Jackson
King of Pop off on beats bruh
I could spit on you
But I’m a save it for the mic though
Squeeze a tit or two
Like I’m milking this bomb flow
Rubbing it in
And waking them up
You been sleeping on the bubble
But nap time is up, what

Wipe the cole out your eye
I’m pulling the plug
Kiss that 15 goodbye
You had enough of that drug
And that fame
It got you high
Well I’m moving the rug
From out under you
It’s time to shake things up
So yeah they dancing with a star
Cuz I’m dancing with thugs
I show the city some love
Get a taste of that new blood
Be romantic in the car
But he ain’t coming up
Been rubbing up on the bubble
Now he wanting to bust

Yo, I don’t gotta curse to make the verse hot
And you ain’t gotta lurk to see I’m on top
Even at my worst I’m still a sure shot
Curry of the game but a dame spitting flames
At point blank range honey I’m coming for your spot
Crazy with the aim, I’m shooting with your glocc
The beat and flow insane hardcore get a soft spot
I ain’t an OG but they watching me yo, G-Shocked
Your show a minute ago but now it’s sure not
I be getting keys to the city like the door locked
Clean the floor up with these broads that weave’s a floormop
But you can have it back when I’m done I mean why not

Yo, I been waiting for the flutes
I been saying I got the juice
I been patient but now its move
I’m inpatient like hospitals
Booked a show and I’m coming through
Wheelchair flow and I’m on a roll
Cuz it ain’t no stop its just go
And my bars is outta control


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3. Storytime (interlude)

Substitute teaches plays an audio book for the class

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4. I’m a Republican But (Freestyle) to Jungle Brothers’

“J Beez Coming Through”

Once upon a time
I was born as a rich girl
5’9” buck or two
Always been a thick girl
I had everything I wanted
Gold plated and mink furs
And I rocked them red bottoms
Til my feet gave me blisters

I knew this little shorty
Used his sink for my juicebox
He was heavy into news
He only wanted to watch Fox
Alright, alright he said
Quiet, that’s it
Cuz he was kissing me goodnight
But he was handling biz
I held my face into the pillow
While I’m talking like this
And interrupted
Yo why we even listening kid

They snort blow
Every one of them anchors slow
He’s like no, baby, promise we voting trump
And that was the very night
The nigga got dumped
I’m like yooooo
I ain’t voting for that germ
1st choice’ll be
Give Obama a 3rd term
2nd choice I don’t know
Probably feeling the Bern
Cuz I’m a republican
But we just don’t learn

This nigga tryna go from apprentice
To president
I mean I figure we could go get my dentist
Instead of him
Look, every rich man
Don’t need power
America be like quicksand
Thinking we trump towers
I’m done talking
Both of my lips
Shut it down like GPS
Cuz you starting to trip

He’s like, Uggghhhh
I can’t even believe you said that
Bout to be great again
And we don’t need these setbacks
Please, you looking for tax breaks
If the clown get elected
We bankrupt in every state
Hmmmhhh and you know he know
How to file for it
Practically admitted
He crushing on his own child

Booooyyyy, pack your things
And go get your mind right
Call me in November
With that 20/20 hindsight
He spew hate
And be teaching all of us violence
You know better
Or do better or keep silent
Or it’s no chill on a jungle brothers beat
Somebody wake me up
This all feels like a bad dream


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5. Homework (Interlude)

Substitute teacher assigns homework after playing the audiobook
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6. All Female Rappers (Original Song Prod by Makaih Beats)

Available on major outlets and streams sites (iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc)

They say all female rappers wack
And all female rappers naked
Want all female rappers shaking
If you want props you gotta take em like
All females NOT me
All females NOT me
All females NOT me
If you want props you gotta take em like

All female rappers wack
And all female rappers naked
Want all female rappers shaking
If you want props you gotta take em like
All females NOT me
All females NOT me
All females NOT me
If you want props you gotta take em like

Step your bars up son
Step them cars up son
Step up that job and that crib and
Stop bragging about what your mamas done

You still in her basement right
You still got them cases right
Still selling that laced ish right
All smiles like you getting her facelift riiiiight

I ain’t gon rag on your moms
Like me, she get her rag every month
Too young to be called a grandmoms
And you too old to be screwing all condom

Less, petty yes
But all them babies ugly
And all them mommas crazy
For being with them lazy niggas

Breeding and feeding your offspring
Getting no financial offering
Teething and soothing your kids
And holding you down while you did your bids

But why she sharing tho
Worried by Keisha and Karen yo
At least could be faithful cuz cheating on her
Is like cheating on commissary bro


Step your flow up boy
Come toe to toe up boy
You say you a man so why moms and them
Still waiting til you grow up boy

I know you know better than to hit a female
But you don’t make hits with a beat either
You don’t take shots or hit licks neither
You don’t ring bells in these streets

Talking rap game, molly world, cocaine, working girls
Be on that propane, got you gassed up
Think I’m joking, cuz I laughed huh
You just a funny nigga, on the path of
Destruction, because you rap tough
But what you think is really gone happen
When the goons find out yous an actor

You gon be shaking like all female rappers
That you think are wack and be naked
Have you on the streets like Nino
New jack city, let them balls show

All because, you feel you can’t relate to the bubble
Why, cuz a girl flow?
See you tryna be down for that juicebox
But you gon learn today, what a girl know



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